Modern women have fuck buddy arrangements, it’s more fun than a finger-bang!
For women to have a fuck buddy in this day and age is perfectly OK, it’s better than OK, it’s completely normal. You’re weird if you don’t have one. If you don’t want a committed relationship or are not ready for a committed relationship then getting a fuck buddy is answer. Seriously this is the twenty first century not the nineteen hundreds so why inhibit yourself with old school attitudes when it comes to something as natural and as pleasurable as sex.\

Sex with a man feels great, so why deny yourself?

Sex feels good and really good sex is completely mind blowing, am i right? It’s better than recreational drugs, it’s better than fancy restaurant or new pair of shoes, it’s better than anything. There are no words that can describe the feeling you get when you have an amazing orgasm and your body gets that rush release of endorphines coarsing though your veins, your body is literally twitching trembling in sheer ecstasy.

And how do you get that amazing feeling, SEX, SEX, SEX, not masturbating with a dildo, a vibrator or your using your finger, good horny, exciting hot SEX with a REAL man or another women.

Masturbution is a distant 2nd and no substitute to having REAL SEX with a REAL MAN OR WOMAN

Good SEX, what is it? It’s the inticipation and foreplay, it’s their hot breath on your lips, their hot steamy kisses all over your lips and body, it’s their hot wet tounge inside you, it’s their warm body grinding against yours and ultimately it’s their hard throbbing cock inside your wet vagina (pussy :))! That’s what you get when have sex a real person, it can be replicated so don’t deny yourself the pleasure.

Masturbation is ok when you are a single women or even a women in a relationship. It’s the kind of thing you do when at home alone, in bed thinking about some hot guy you saw that day on the train, or in a cafe, or at the gym, or thinking about favourite actor or musician, then you pull out your favourite dildo or just your finger for a good old-fashioned finger bang thinking about that person being inside you or making loving to that person.

So ladies the answer to the question, should i get a fuck buddy? , is a resounding YES!!

Good sex even without love or commitment is still good sex. If you’re not ready to settle down and don’t want a serious
relationship, a fuck buddy arrangement for women is ideal.

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