Modern women have fuck buddy arrangements, it’s more fun than a finger-bang!
The easiest way to find a fuck buddy in Australia is online on a adult dating site like Adult Match Maker. But what type of fuck buddy is right type for you. Life is like a box chocolates you never know what you’re get until you take a bite. So don’t be shy and taste the erotic fruit that is fuck buddy’ism, and once you have taken the plunge and found the right one and your reward will be hassle free, commitment free unlimited orgasms.

Ladies, what is right type of sex buddy or fuck buddy for you?

Ladies to work out the right type of sex buddy or fuck buddy for you is easy, first of all define yourself sexually. What you do you like in the bedroom, what type of sex are you into and what turns you on. It is slow and sensual sex with smooth jazz music in candle lit room or is hard and rough, hot passionate sex like spontaneously doing it on the kitchen bench while eating a take out pizza while your guy talking do dirty to you. Don’t limit yourself with your fuck buddy choice, go wild set your sexual fantasies free.

So you know what type of sex you want so now how about the guy you want it with he can be tall, short, muscular, fat, blonde, Asian, surfer, musician, business man, tanned, hung, buffed, intelligent, sleezy, dominating, submissive whatever you want sister. Remember this your fuck buddy you are looking for not a intimate relationship so once again go wild and don’t be inhibited, you might learn something yourself.

Once you have figured what you in a fuck buddy try to find some who fits the bill, you have might have friend or friend’s friend who fits the bill so ask them if they would be interested in being your no strings attached sex buddy and let’s face what guy wouldn’t be asked that. Just a word of warning it’s probably not wise to ask a work colleague to be your fuck buddy.

If don’t know anyone that fits the bill, then joining an adult dating site in Australia like Adult Match Maker it would actually be your easiest option and it free to join and anonymous. Just register on the website or via your mobile phone and fill in your profile and include what you are looking for in your description like:

“I’m a Aussie girl who is looking for a fuck buddy for ongoing casual sex. My ideal fuck buddy must like pleasing women with slow sensual sex, preferably someone who is tall, intelligent a good sense of humour. I would be willing to experiment with a some light bondage with the right fuck buddy. To be clear I’m not looking for serious relationship right now, just fun with a guy and casual sex, message me only if you fit this bill.”

Men, what is the right of type of fuck buddy for you?

Seriously guys, almost every women is the right fuck buddy if you. If a guy was asked to be a woman’s fuck buddy and there was little bit of attraction there I doubt if the guy would turn it down, unless he is gay or has eaten too much Soya, which is full of oestrogen and decreases men’s sexual appetite.

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