Modern women have fuck buddy arrangements, it’s more fun than a finger-bang!
Looking for a hookup but aren’t sure if you’re the type a man or a woman would want to get into bed with? This guide will certainly help. But first, remember, everyone looks for something different in a partner. To one person, you might be the hottest thing they’ve ever seen. To another, you might be disgusting. With that said, let’s take a look at the traits that nearly every man or woman desires in a fuck buddy:

Someone that is good looking

“Good looking” is a subjective term. You could be a 10 to one person and a 5 to another. That’s because everyone has their own “type” on what they consider physically attractive. However, there are certain men and women that are considered sexy by almost everyone. For example, you won’t find many dudes that will dispute Katy Perry’s amazing rack. And nearly every woman is sexually attracted to Channing Tatum.

That doesn’t mean you have to look like Channing Tatum or Katy Perry to get laid. If only the hottest people on the planet had sex, the human era would soon end because 99% of the planet wouldn’t reproduce. Looks matter to most people, but only the most shallow people absolutely will not date anyone that isn’t at least a 9. The rest will settle for someone that looks okay in their eyes.

Someone with money

This goes mostly for women, but some men also desire a fuck buddy that has a nice bankroll. If you lack decent looks but you have money, you’re golden here. Most women are attracted to men with money. So what do you do if you’re a male that doesn’t have decent looks and don’t have much money? You fake it. All you have to do is buy one fancy outfit and act like a baller.

Again, having “a lot of money” is subjective. If you’re trying to hookup with some hottie that lives in an affluent neighborhood, “a lot of money” means a 7-figure net worth. If you’re trying to get with some broke cutie that lives in a trailer park, “a lot of money” means being able to afford dinner at McDonald’s.

Someone with similar sexual desires

If you have no money and don’t have decent looks, the best way to get laid is by seeking out women that share a specific fetish with you. My guys and gals will overlook your appearance and financial status if you have something of value in the bedroom. An example of this is BDSM. A person may become attracted to you simply because you’re a fun play partner.

You can become someone’s “type” sexually simply by sharing similar sexual desires. A woman could become desirable if she’s known to be really good at giving head. A man can become desirable if he’s known to have great stamina.

Now, what is your “type”?