Modern women have fuck buddy arrangements, it’s more fun than a finger-bang!

Getting a fuck buddy was the best decision I ever made

I’m a 25 year old receptionist for a Telco.
I’ve had my share of relationships and one night stands and I have never met ‘the one’ that checked all the boxes.

I met Sam online using the Adult Match Maker dating website.

Long story short, we went on a date and had a hot makeout session at my place which led to some amazing sex that night. The sex was great but Sam and I decided that we weren’t a very good match. I mean he doesn’t like animals or children and I’m a major pet lover and of course I want to have kids eventually. But in other ways we got on famously we are both video game fanatics and had a thing for vintage cars.. Sam was not ready for long term relationships and wanted to play the field, but he was not a bad guy and we ended up getting together once a week to chat, play video games and get laid.

I’m dating another guy now and this relationship may work, or it may not but I’ll always have my mate Sam to fall back on if I need a good fuck.